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Products that make a difference with research and development...

Interra is a company that develops both software and hardware with its R&D teams experienced in the field of automation. By aiming each product to primarily comply with high-quality standards, the company uses the highest quality components. With this vision, Interra is a leader in the primary local and environmental markets, and is one of the important players in the global arena.

Each Interra product is designed to be unique. None of the products in the product palette are ordinary. They have features in their details that make them unique. This is the basic philosophical approach of Interra. It is a great mission in which great experiences are mixed with product parameters such as touch panel, iswitch, combo etc., and form and design.

Complementary products...

Interra has provided the most needed solutions with the products it produces. Be it a residence or a commercial building, you can provide the most optimal solution with Interra.

Business Partnership


OEM partnership

Our ethical approach to dealership has made Interra a common brand in a growing geographical area. As a result of our globalization policy, we initiated two years ago, we currently have partnerships in 32 countries. These are shaped by markets and needs and they usually in the form of distributorships, dealerships for integrators, project-based partnerships and OEM partnerships.

In the future...

Can we imagine what kind of important changes 50 billion devices will make on the modes of living with their smart programs when they will be able to directly intercommunicate in 2050, many deficiencies will be detected and provided by the next generation smart devices. Devices produced in the new era, that we call the internet age, will be able to meet daily needs on their own by connecting to smart networks, and the integration into mobile services will be available and manageable at all times. 

The common feature of fast-growing industries in the Internet age is that they determine their customers' lifestyles by creating flexible and enjoyable solutions in the service module thanks to the software programs with which they have equipped it. When product costs are combined with included service modules, how much the added value has increased can be understood from everyday consumables. In the future, Interra aims to develop sustainable solutions with quality products and dynamic and flexible products that customers can always use. 

Building designers did not use to mention about energy saving in buildings much; however, today it is prominent among the issues that need to be considered important and taken seriously throughout the world. It is becoming more and more important that designed products or places should be designed to use natural resources at a minimum level. While Interra engineers are developing new systems, they develop their product visions in a way that is respectful to eco-environment, and according to regulations determined by global standards.

Differences can be met as long as the systems and service modules offered in the market are of global standards. Customers prefer solution partners that can integrate, create brand-independent flexible solutions and have extensive service network, rather than closed solutions. Interra develops integrated solutions for international systems such as KNX, IoT, Bacnet, and Modbus in all of its projects. Thus, without having to be bound by time, it finds a market area in many regions of the world, especially in Europe, with its sustainable solutions.

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